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Dear Hotellos,

We are more than excited to invite you to join the Study Start Week of our February 2024 intake!

Part of this Study Start Week period will be a full introduction to the school’s curriculum, an eventful city tour, parties, dinners, workshops, and masterclasses guided by industry professionals.

And what is even better, you will do these fun things with your “Host group”. These students are going to be your classmates for the first years of your studies.

Furthermore, you and your groupmates will have two well-experienced and motivated students as hosts, who will guide you through your onboarding period, and help you during your first few months at Hotel Management School Leeuwarden.

Joining the Study Start Week will be mandatory and highly beneficial for your new journey at the Hotel Management School. We will share all the crucial information you need and will connect you with your future classmates and industry.

The Study Start Week starts on Monday, the 29th of January and lasts until Friday, the 2nd of February (no activities are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays).

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Hotel Management School.

You can register and purchase the ticket for the SSW below.
Please make sure to fill in all the information correctly.


In case you have any questions regarding the Study Start Week or your Bachelor study, please contact,
or call +31 6 23148056.


In case you have any questions regarding your Associate Degree study, please contact 


*Please note that Work & Study students have a different Study Start Week. They do not register on this registration page. In case you have any questions regarding your Work & Study, please contact

Kind regards,


Host & Study Start Week Organization


Jasper Dik
Silvia Nonni
Johanna Kutas
Sandor Beintema

* When registered for the SSW the student is obligated to pay within two weeks.

* Refunds are only accepted in case of force majeure. If the participant purchased the wrong ticket, he or she is obligated to purchase the proper ticket at his/her own cost. The request for a refund needs to be submitted within one month after the SSW. The processing of refunds can take up to a month and does not contribute to the organization’s liabilities. While the organization is not liable nor responsible for housing arrangements, they are available to answer questions and assist when needed.